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Lansing NOISE has a website. We have a weekly publication available for free around town. We’re on Twitter and Facebook. So why use Tumblr too?

We like the Tumblr microblogging format for giving you quick bits of information. Maybe we have a favorite photo, quote or link to share that doesn’t have a whole story attached. We’ll post it here.

We’ll also post links to our restaurant reviews, band interviews, upcoming event info and profiles of people making NOISE in Lansing.

But the best part - the thing we’re really excited about - is how easy it is for you to contribute. You can share photos, videos, stories, quotes, music and more by using our Submit page.

Snap a photo of your lunch at Soup Spoon Cafe before you devour it. Write a two sentence review of the meal.

Share your photos or stories from Renegade Theatre Festival, Lansing Happy Hour Club and whatever crazy sports tournament for charity Justin Caine cooks up next.

Sometimes we’ll throw out a prompt, like asking you for your favorite Spartan-themed tailgate recipes.

Sometimes it will be a theme, and you can respond by sharing links, text, photos or video. We want to see your creativity.

We suggest you start your own Tumblr, and start exploring the quirky and creative people (over six million worldwide) who share the sights and sounds of their lives here.

Questions? Email NOISE reporter Tricia Bobeda at or find her on Twitter, @triciabobeda.